Lindsey Davis Stover (VA-10)


Democratic Candidate, Virginia 10th Congressional District

I'm Lindsey Davis Stover and I'm running for Congress because I care deeply about creating a better future for our families, our communities, and our country.  

A future where innovation drives opportunity, education fuels acceptance and understanding, and hard work creates jobs and security.  This campaign is about you.  It is about putting our communities first and putting our government back to work for us.  

As a hard-working mom and small business owner in McLean, VA, I understand the importance of this moment. A moment where courage is required out of all of us. Courage to fight to protect and strengthen our public schools, healthcare for our families, jobs and development opportunities for our communities, and the courage to finally put the people of our district first.

I was raised by a hard-working single mom who dedicated her life to public education for over 20 years. I went to work at age 14 and later held two jobs during high school to help my family save money for me to attend college. With the love and support of my family, student loans, and working three jobs, I put myself through graduate school at Baylor University and later a full-time job creating a STEM program for high school girls, while putting myself through a second masters program at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

After college, I served in the AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) program where I had the opportunity to create meaningful and innovative change to civic education initiatives for high school students. These innovations empowered young people to take action in their communities and become change agents for their future and the future of others.

The best example of service in my life came from my grandfather who served in the U.S. Army during WWII. His life was built on selfless service to his country, his church, and his community. He never asked for help, but always looked for ways to help others. In his late 80’s, I became his advocate as he struggled to receive assistance from The Department of Veterans Affairs. Through the experience with my grandfather, I became a passionate advocate for all Veterans to ensure they receive the care they have both earned and deserve. After serving on Capitol Hill and working closely with Veterans and Veterans Organizations, I served in the Obama Administration at The Department of Veterans Affairs, working on important initiatives to increase access to care for Veterans, reduce Veterans homelessness and transform the VA to better serve women Veterans.

My husband, Jeremey and I work every day to ensure our two daughters understand the importance of serving our friends and neighbors. Jeremey and I are dedicated to our community, coaching girls’ soccer and little league, serving in the local PTA, and teaching children’s Sunday School at Trinity United Methodist Church.

We are in a moment of time where courage is required from all of us. The courage to come together and fight for our values and the future of our communities. Join me as we take this campaign door to door, neighborhood to neighborhood, and community to community. Together, we can answer the call for courage and create a better future for our families.